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Our community interest company is not for profit and staffed entirely by volunteers apart from one paid administrator. This is a temple built and led by local people who love the Goddess, from all walks of life, of all genders backgrounds beliefs and ages.


Temple Melissas and Makers Shop Guardians

These are the people who open the temple for drop in visitors, welcome everyone and keep the space tidy and safe. We currently need Weekend Melissas to cover our most popular and accessible time for visitors.


We desperately need someone with time, energy and motivation to increase the stock, sales turnover and advertising for our makers corner shop area to help us with regular cashflow in the temple and give a worthwhile return to the makers who offer their wares for sale in the temple.


Cleaning Pixies

Sometimes the temple needs a deeper clean or sort out, and the rubbish taking. We need helpers who enjoy these sorts of tasks to keep the space fresh and beautiful for visitors.


Fundraising Genuises

The temple project is funded almost entirely by income from our donor supporters, the priestess training course fees, the annual camp event and small amounts of community grants, room hire or shop sales. We need better funding to keep the project going or eventually expand, any help appreciated! 


Social Media and Online Marketing Fairies

We need more help to have a consistent brand and online outreach, from people with the time and energy to help us generate and share content on our website and socials, please get in touch if this is you!

Let's Work Together

email and fill in our volunteer applicant form to become a Melissa today.

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