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Cotswold Spiral 3

Priestess of the Cotswolds Spiral 3

An advanced year for Dedicated PriestXesses of the Cotswolds to continue to deepen and integrate the practices learned over the first two spirals. Dates to come in 2025.

Topics include:

Year 3 Chosen Gender and Name Affirmation, The Sacred Marriage, Conscious Uncoupling and Working with Relational Trauma after Breakup. ​

Year 3 Baby Namings,.  Honouring the Childless and Chosen Families, Gratitude Circles & Ceremonies  ​

Year 3 Sacred Activism  Responsibility and Social / Environmental Justice, Honouring Feminist Leadership

Year 3 Ancestor Rites of Remembrance and Working with Healing the Ancestral Wounds / Intergenerational Trauma, Rites of Release and Return

Year 3 - Temple Raising. Finding community and wise council, advanced Embodiment and Oracling

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