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Cotswolds PriestXess Second Year Spiral

These are the 5 weekend dates for Year 2 - this continuation into rites of passage, embodiment, sacred drama and practical PriestXessing will complete your priestess training as Cotswolds PriestXesses of Stone Stream and Sky. This course is only open to those who have completed Cotswolds PriestXess Spiral 1 in person or online and undertaken the Spiral 1 Dedication.


​ 6/7 May 2023   - Saturday Sacred Drama of Goddess and God and the Fires of Beltaine, meditation and movement welcoming the integrated inner masculine and androgyne, consort gods, create a fire ceremony for the group in the evening. Sunday Ceremonies of Binding and Unbinding, Ritual Blessings and Ceremonies for Menarche, Maidenhood and Youth, power and boundaries

8/9 July 2023 - Blessings of Creation, Fruitfulness, Nurture and  Regeneration for others by spiral 2 priestesses, Healing the motherline, space to process and share, walk the land, release ceremony, taking responsibility  -  priestess self parenting, Rites of Harvest on the Land, Sacred Dramas of the Corn King and Earth Mother in the Element of Water, Libation Offerings, Cuda and her Cucullatti


9/10 September 2023  -,Saturday 10-5 Holding circle and healing the Sisterhood Wound, , Sacred Drama of and Sovereignty over  / with the Realm of Earth

Saturday evening 7-9 Queening Enthronement Ceremonies, Sunday 10-4 Healthy Village Dynamics and Social Permaculture, Community Building  

11/12 November 2023  - Saturday Croning and Honouring the Pathway to Spirit, Spirit Birds of Air, - Death Companionship,  Holding Space /

Saturday evening Sacred Drama of the Ancient Mothers and Otherworld, past life priestessing, - dying a long barrow, experience an embodiment

Sunday rebirth,  reborn, creating more personal rituals for Grief and Loss, letting go ceremony


13/14 January 2024 - Priestessing as Sacred Vocation, Holding Space and The difference between Ritual and Ceremony. Priestessing as personal practice, therapeutic service, or community offering. honouring our own boundaries and limits. Embodiment and Oracling

16/17 March 2024 Dedication WEEKEND Students design their own dedication ceremony for  / with the group Dedication Ceremony, Pledges and Offerings to Goddess, Self-Initiatiory Process, Celebration and Acknowledgement by Priestess Peers as Initiated Priestxess of the Cotswolds - Certificate giving. ​

Those of you intending to attend the second spiral and dedicate as Priestesses may want to put these dates in your calendar now to give plenty of notice. We are asking for full in person attendance in order to dedicate at the end of this second spiral, unless illness or extreme personal circumstances prevent this, in that case one weekend can be missed and caught up under extenuation.

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