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9 Month Accredited Qualification in Therapeutic, Supportive and Sacred Feminine Healing Modalities with Taught by Bliss Magdalena Qadesh

IN PERSON at Stroud Goddess Temple

with blended home learning Online in The Lunar Womb Zoom Temple



9 Month Accredited Qualification in Therapeutic,

Supportive and Sacred Feminine Healing Modalities 

with Bliss Magdalena Qadesh


This training offers deepening and mentorship for those seeking to support womb-carriers 

on the path to healing and integration of past wounding or trauma.

Joziet Grace Khimba:

"I have had the chance for a few one to one sessions with Bliss; as well as attending workshops. Her healing work on sexuality is amazing and life changing. The work that she does - through individual sessions as well as the excellent and groundbreaking workshops - is helping to heal the planet. As through each of us, when we let go of our baggage - our collective vibration is raised. I would highly recommend Bliss to anyone and everyone!"


Led by an experienced clinical therapist, healer and bodywork practitioner who also serves as sacred sexual priestess and temple initiatrix, we will be working to give each participant a high level of knowledge, confidence, practical skills and connection to inner knowing to enable a thoroughly professional, expert and sensitive practice to emerge from this accredited qualification upon completion. 


Taking place both in person and online over 9 months gestation, students who move through the course will be birthed through initiation at the conclusion as fully competent and empowered Lunar Womb Temple Arts Practitioners, with accreditation through IPHM.


Bliss has been called to teach this course by  Goddess, as an amalgamation of four decades of initiation, spiritual enquiry, tantric and healing practice, pilgrimage, clinical and academic research. She has realised the need for fully activated, trauma informed, and competent Temple Arts Practitioner Priestesses, having undertaken and completed several similarly themed courses and other community events, Bliss saw that a weaving of her own talents and knowledge would bridge the chasms between science, intuition, magic and embodiment. 


This training stands apart from other tantra development or womb healing courses in it's inclusive, culturally sensitive and trauma informed approach, with respect to the origins of particular techniques  without rebranding or appropriation of traditional indigenous wisdom. The triggers and wounded places of participants will be genuinely acknowledged and given the space needed to unpack and integrate painful past learning. Participants who are gender-nonconforming or of diverse orientations will be respected and honoured with the understanding that not all women have wombs, and that men can also bleed.

The dates for the IN PERSON Temple Arts Practitioner Course Units - 6 blocks of 2 days duration totalling 12 days tuition (blended home learning element begins 27th April on Zoom):

Friday, Saturday 18/19/20 May 2023

 Friday, Saturday 21/22 July 2023

Friday, Saturday 22/23 September 2023

Friday, Saturday 24/25 November 2023

Friday, Saturday 26/27 January 2024

Friday, Saturday 29/30 March 2024


For Online Delivery dates refer to April 2023 intake dates for Lunar Womb Temple Training  - additional self study is required at your own pace for the Temple Arts accreditation, this includes essays, case studies and other reflective writing in addition to the sessions live on zoom or replay catchup.


This course is £2,249 in full and includes online self-study materials, printed handouts, online and in-person tuition as well as online one to one mentoring calls. Full completion of the 9 month training, written case studies and reflections on the online delivery will give a practitioner level award certificate with academic transcript and accreditation to IPHM.


This training is also open at a discounted rate to students who have previously completed the Lunar Womb Temple Training online, at a price of £1500 for the full certification and content.  Individual Module Weekends of the Course can be taken in person as stand-alone CPD Training courses for £300 per weekend for those who have previously completed the online course.


Participants of all backgrounds are welcome, this course will be working with womb-carriers but you do not need a womb or to identify as a woman to take part if you are dedicated and committed to the work and practices. 

Applicants are welcome to make payment in full for the training at £2,249 for 9 months and certification. The in person weekends will take place in the South West UK, in Stroud. 

Students who previously completed the Lunar Womb Temple Training online are welcome to join at the discounted rate of £1500.

Modular Weekend Students or those Paying by installment for the full course can pay £300 to secure their place. Please send an email to to notify Bliss of your payment to confirm your place on the training and connect with her beforehand.

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