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Online Course with Priestess Bliss Magdalena Qadesh and Lunar Womb Temple Priestess Sista Bless

Now accepting applications for April 2023 intake.


An in depth exploration and sacred ceremonial circle for those with physical or energetic wombs. We will discover the secrets of female reproductive anatomy, and how menstrual physiology and the lunar cycle links with ancient Goddess matriarchal cultures, symbolism and mythology. Have you previously explored this work, but crave greater depth, insight and understanding of Blood Mysteries and the Holy of Holies? Would you like the tools and underpinning knowledge to create your own Lunar Temple as a Lunar Womb Priestess? 

We are empowering ourselves to step up and co-create a new remembering and activation of the Eternal Moon Temples which have existed throughout time on this planet, for Healing and Wisdom-Keeping of Sacred Womb Temple Arts.


This training, comprising 13 evening sessions spread over 9 months, is ideal for those wanting to extend their own knowledge of the archaeological finds relating to the menstrual cycle, as well as better understanding the biology of the womb, ovaries, cervix, vaginal canal, clitoris and vulva.

The history, anthropology and cosmology of Moon Priestessing and Lunar Goddesses will be covered, in addition to the facts around the Red Tent & Moonlodge phenomenon around the world. We will explore the archetypes of Sacred Mother and Holy Harlot, as well as Lover Goddesses and Goddesses of Birth and Death within many traditions.

This course includes ritual, guided trance journeys, sharing circles, craft and journal work, self-massage and movement as well as ceremony, you will gain new tools to include in your personal or Priestessing practice, and build loving connection with other sisters in our closed group. Touching the shadow places other similar courses are unable to journey to in a trauma informed way, as well as scientific and historical facts underpinning the practice of moon and womb Priestessing. Go beyond endless repetition of received wisdoms, into deep knowing of ancient wisdom beyond woo and what's trending.

The Lunar Womb Temple Training is £849, payable in three instalments of £283, which must be paid in full by April 2024. A discount of £89 is offered to those paying the full amount in one instalment.

Teasel Threadgold: "This is an amazing course, the amount of work gone into it is so deep. Bliss delivers such an amount of good and scholarly information."

This course is ideal for students who have worked with other Priestess training, but is open to all with an interest in learning more about moon and womb sacred cycles, deep inner process work to integrate shadows of past shame, wounding or trauma related to the pelvis, vulva or womb.

 The Lunar Womb Temple Training is accredited for CPD by IPHM, for Priestesses and Holistic Therapists, Healers and Bodywork Practitioners. Presented and Facilitated by Bliss Magdalena Qadesh, MRes BSc(Hons), Labyrinth Priestess of Rhiannon, Dedicated to Isis, Hathor and Quetesh-Asherah, and Elen of the Hidden Ways.


Bliss is a Sacred Sexuality and Tantra facilitator, and held regular Women's Circles until becoming fully immersed in the Stroud Goddess Temple in 2021, as Volunteer Project Coordinator, Co-Director of the CIC and Melissa Mother - these Temple Project roles are all offered in devotion to Goddess in an unpaid capacity at present. She has practised as a self employed Holistic Therapist and Traditional Healer for over two decades, and is also qualified in Relationship and Family Counselling, and Hypnotherapy.


The dates for this course are listed below:

Session 1: Connecting with Ourselves and the Moon:

Thursday 27th April 2023

Session 2: Moon Goddess, Lunar Priestess:

Thursday  18th May 2023

Session 3: Female Cycles and Menstruation:

Thursday 8th June 2023

Session 4: Moon Dreaming Sanctuaries:

Thursday 29th June 2023

Session 5: Journey to the Womb Temple: the Outer Sanctum:

Thursday 20th July 2023

Session 6: Gateway of Venus:

Thursday 10th August 2023

Session 7: Journey to the Womb Temple – The Gateway:

Thursday 31st August 2023

Session 8: Holy Mother / Holy Harlot: Thursday 21st September 2023

Session 9: Journey to the Womb Temple - The Inner Sanctum:

Thursday 12th October 2023

Session 10: Snake Mothers of the Void:

Thursday 2nd November 2023

Session 11: Journey to the Womb Temple – Returning to Source -

Thursday 23rd November 2023

Session 12: Hathor and the Star Mothers:

Thursday 14th December 2023

Session 13: Integrating the Journey, Coming Home to Ourselves:

Thursday 4th January 2024

All the sessions will take place 7pm-10pm United Kingdom time and are held by Sista Bless with pre-recorded Lectures by Bliss on the course topics.

Super proud of Sista Bless for stepping up to be holding the online sister share space from start of the 5th intake in 2023, with a completely new delivery format we are working on❤️ this ensures that the teachings can continue to be accessible for people all around the world. I feel particularly passionate about handing this work up to Bless, as the most ancient lunar trackers / menstrual calendars come from the ancestral peoples of central Africa.


We can and should recognise that the origins of mathematics,

astronomy, ceremony, music and culture are held in the red

thread which links us to the oldest indigenous black

Grandmothers. Womb wisdom in its most complete and ancient

form is something which we have inherited from the earliest

peoples on the African continent more than 80 thousand years

ago. It feels appropriate to honour and lift up this gifted healer

and teacher who is finding the threads of her ancestral power

through the work of Lunar Womb Priestessing.

Greetings, my name is Bless. I am a Lunar Womb Priestess who

trained with Bliss Magdalena and I am an online women's circle

facilitator, a qualified teacher and herbalist. I believe in helping

others find the tools and access to heal themselves. A mother and grandmother, I work with the energies of love, oracle cards, crystals and a strong connection to my ancestors. I have learned many of my skills through life experience and intuition.

Please email Bliss Magdalena at: to notify her

when you make payment to join the course, as the upcoming circle is

limited  to a maximum of 13 participants, this will help her keep track of numbers! 

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